Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dad Now Soars- "Mom And Dad Together"

Dad no longer sits and stares

the heavens with mom he now shares.

As heavens pearly gates open wide

with mom he now soars the skies.

He found his peace within today

for with our mom he's gone to stay.

And with his Lord by his side

I know he's standing with great pride.

The tears I shed for him today

are for his pain that's gone away.

And for the man who loved us all

the Lord has made his final call.

But peace I find within his death

to mom he went with his last breath.

He'll now soar the heavens high

with our mom right by his side.

I know he entered those pearly gates

with a smile for mom as she awaits.

The years of love they shared together

united for eternity" Mom and Dad" forever.

Written By:Joyce Wilbanks Ivy 08/27/2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

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My Love

My memories
Are still here
My Love for you
Is still strong
Inside my heart
Is where you belong
Where you have been
And where you will remain
For the rest of my days
My heart is yours
Just as it was
21 years ago

Vernie & Joyce Murrell

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love From The Heart


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Lost Love/ Found

I've thought of you
a lot over the years.
All of the memories
through all of the tears.
My heart has been with you
even though you couldn't see.
All of those blessings
came straight from me.
I prayed to God
for just one more chance.
For you to look my way
just one more glace.
I knew if you would
the love you would see.
Inside your heart
was coming from me.
My eyes will tell you a story
of lost love and regret.
The day I let you go
one I'll never forget.

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©05/12/2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

We Paint Our Own World

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Our Second Chance

If we might have a second chance
to walk back threw that door,
And rectify mistakes we've made
and love forever more.
Perhaps we might learn at last
what finally lies in store.
And let life bring another chance
too love forever more.

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy:05/01/10


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love Just Out Of Reach


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A Heavy Heart

Tonight my heart is heavy
I really don't know why.
All I can do
is sit here and cry.
So many things
take over my mind.
Heartache and sorry
is all that I find.
Sometimes I wonder
what now lies in store.
I know that I love you
Now and forever more.
One day I hope we find
a future together at last.
And forget the bad things
that lay in our past.
My love for you
is as true as can be.
I hope that the future
will be set for you and me.

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©04/28/10

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sometime You Must Think..Before You Leap


Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©2009
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Think Before You Leap

I remember the nights I'd sit up late
writing of love and life's painful mistakes.
Wondering where and why I let my life go wrong
and wondering why I always felt I didn't belong.
Maybe it's because I never searched the right place,
maybe it's because I'm always running a race.
Racing threw time, running here and there,
not really looking, and I didn't really care.
I should have been searching the depts of my heart,
deep down inside I'd known it was a good place to start.
Maybe if I had seached deep down in my soul,
my life would be different,my world would be whole.
Maybe if I'd think before I would leap,
maybe the seeds I've sown I wouldn't have to reap.

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©04-08-08

Monday, April 07, 2008



Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©2007
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Memories Of Spring And The Old House

Spring is here
a very welcome sight.
Most of my days
spent awaiting the night.

Dreaming of sitting on the old porch
at the house where we lived for many years.
I think about it now
it brings back the tears.

Mom planting the tree's along the drive
I look at them now they're high as the ski.
Now I sit and watch her flowers
spring into full bloom.

Tuplips,daffodils and four-a-clocks
lined up in a row.
Azalies & Jasmine out to the side
mom would be gleaming with such pride.

Cannons and Iris' of colors so true,
red, yellow and even a baby blue.
Orange, purple, pink and white
the multi-color would shine so bright.

Magnolia,Dogwood and Cherry tree's
bloomed springs beauty.
As Mom's yard brought forth
the beautiful colors of spring.

The old house still stands
empty to this day.
But the memories of spring
and the old house will never fade away.

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©04-07-08

Friday, February 08, 2008


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Thursday, February 07, 2008

If I Should Die

If I should die
before I wake
Know I made many mistakes
But in my heart
for all too know
I loved you all
more than I could ever show
My family and friends
meant more to me
More than my own life
if they could see
The mistakes I made
I do regret
But I hope one day
you will forget
For I loved you all
with all my heart
I should have known
one day we'd part
And when that day
is finally here
I hope there will
be no tears
There was true love from the heart
And it was there when we had to part
So have no regrets
For our love for each other
For I loved you all
my sisters and brothers

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©2/08/08

Friday, August 17, 2007

Life Is Just


To Damn Blue
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Failed Love

I wish I could remember way back then
The look in your eyes and the feel of your hands
For some reason I've forgotten just how it felt
Those days when you; made my heart melt
The days I could see the love burst from your eye's
Now I look and my heart cries
I know deep down we've lost the love we once held
I know in my heart I once again failed
I let go of your love I know was true
But these days I can't take the things that you do
I once again failed in your love so true
Today I feel so damn blue

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©08-17-07

Broken Hearts


Sometimes Never Mend
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Putting You Out Of My Mind

I left you this time
it will be the last.
This time you can
kiss my ass.
I'm tired of the shit
you put me through.
This time I am done
I want nothing to do with you.
The last six months
you've caused me so much pain.
I can't take anymore
I'm about to go insane.
If I leave you now
at least I'm still me.
If I wait
there's no telling what you will see.
You've caused me to loose
the one thing I hate.
That is my temper
but now it's too late.
You've seen what comes
from the things that you do.
But I guess you haven't figured it out
it's beause of the love I held for you.
Now I'll try to put you
out of my mind.
Because these days
I feel you're
not so kind.

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©08-17-07

Sometimes Life Goes The Wrong Way


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tell Me

Here in my life
somethings went wrong.
Tell me, with you
I no longer belong.

Tell me what happened
tell me more lies.
Tell me you love me
as my heart cries.

Tell me how long
I must wait.
Tell me why now
there seems to be hate.

Tell me we have lost
the love we once held.
Tell me now
that our love has failed.

Tell me all this
and watch my heart break.
Tell me you still love me
for heavens sake.

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©08-14-07

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Once A Dreamer...Always A Dreamer

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I Am A Dreamer

I once was a dreamer
until you came along.
My life was content
I felt so very strong.
I loved to stay up late
and write throughout the night.
But no not with you
it caused us to fight.
But I have decided
I'll do as I please.
Writing my thoughts
keeps my mind at ease.
If I wake up tomorrow
and you are gone.
At least all my thoughts
will still be my own.
I'll always be a dreamer
and always wanting more.
Something you can't take
when your ass hits the door.

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©07-05-07

Love In The Darkness

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Remembering Love

Inside my mind
and in my heart too
I still hold a man
who's love I know was true
I once wrote a poem
about his beautiful soul
I know that his love
my heart could still hold
I still see his face
and his eyes how they shine
I know that his love
could still be mine
Wondering why I let go
I haven't a clue
Why didn't I hold on
to love I knew was true
I guess because life and love
makes us blind
Even when the arms that hold you
are wonderfully kind
Remembering him now
without a single regret
I'll never forget
the first day that we met

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©07-05-07

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When You Lose Your Spirit...Nothing Is Left

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Broken Spirit

A spirit has been broken
The years have torn me down
To hell and back I've been
In this weary town
Trap within my on insanity
To hell my soul is bound
Life's broken picture
These roads I've traveled down
Mindless chattering
Still there is no sound
A spirit has been broken
Slapped down to the ground
Bruised and battered body
A mind a boggling mess
With a broken spirit
The weary have no rest

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©04-04-06

Where Did It Go..My Smile Has Gone Away

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Smile

I want to capture my smile
The way it use to be
Long before the loneliness
Took it's toll on me
I want to feel the energy
My body once had held
Too once again race with time
Not a worry in the world
Carefree not solumn
My smile I want to see
The world I want to hold
I know love is out there
Somewhere just for me
When I find that smile
Upon my face it'll stay
Nothing in this world
Will ever again
Take it away

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©02-04-07

Monday, October 30, 2006

But Sometimes We Have To Do

What We Have To Do Posted by Picasa


I choose to take my life
and turn it around
Take all these thing
that were bring me down
Throw them out the window
and just watch them fly
So far from my mind
so I'd never cry
You are one of the things
I had to let go
Just to keep my sanity
that I did know
I'll always love you
I'll miss you everyday
But our lives were going nowhere
I could no longer stay
Just remember the love
we once shared
And remember how much
I really cared
Maybe one day
when our minds are all clear
We can talk about our love
and face it without fear
I'll remember your love
If you'll remember mine
And we'll see what happens
with the distance and time

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©10-30-06

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Babies

Are Growing Up Posted by Picasa


Life is too short to pass us by
My children growing up before my eyes
I'll love them till this days end
Even more as the new day begins
Time just seems to fly to fast
One day it's our future then it's our past
Where does it go I have to ask
Each day brings a whole new task
One baby grown
With three of her own
One with a passion for music inside
The sixth grade and blooming and trying to hide
But no where to run for time does tell
Your growing up now and it's a living hell
Another who's as smart as can be
I know she didn't take after me
In the third grade and feeling grown up
Always wanting to put on my makeup
Last but not least there is my son
It's kindergarden he's just begun
Where did it go this time that I held
Right here in my hands I feel I have failed
I let it slip away right before my eyes
Oh how this time just flies flies flies
Older I am but it's just another year
Can't cry over spilled milk can't shed another tear
Time can be a friend to us all
Because no longer is my family so small
Four children and three grandchildren too
I guess for that reason I'll never be blue
For as I get older I know they'll take care of me
Because they truly love their mommy
So as this time just slips on bye
I'll put on my smiling face and try not to cry

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©10-08-06

Monday, September 11, 2006


Love Is Just Blind Posted by Picasa

Blind Love

The pain runs deep within my soul
I often wonder why I wasn't told
You would leave me here to die
Again I'd be left alone to cry
Tears that run a crimson red
This life and these trials I wish I were dead
Empty and hollow is all that I feel
My love and my heart you did steal
Then you ripped it and tore it apart
Why didn't I see this from the start
I was but a blind one you see
But I thought your love was for me

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©09-11-06

Inside My Mind

Nothing Is Left Posted by Picasa

A Breathless Air

I breathe in
A breathless air
A heart despondent
In despair
The force so heavy
Within my heart
To repair this love
Where do I start
Somehow we've lost
What we once had
A soul so empty
A life now sad
I try to breathe
This breathless air
The walls grow dark
My minds blank stare

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©09-11-06

Oh How Those Eye's

Do Shine Posted by Picasa


I wrote this tonight after I went to my Ex- father and mother-in-laws 50th wedding anniversary party....As I stood there and looked and him and at her I realized how much he had done for me....just by giving me...HER....Heather
And I am proud to say me and him and his family do still have a bond and a love for each other....Heather will always be that bond between two family's
Be proud of who you are Heather and know Mommy and Daddy will always love you.......She will be 26 years old the 25 of September


28 years ago a bond was sworn
Between 2 people a love was born
But over the years that bond was broke
For so long they never spoke
But as the time went flying by
They once again said their first hi
And since that day they've got along
They put their love where it belongs
Into their daughter they both love
A precious angel sent from above
If she knew the love we felt
I know her little heart would melt
I looked at her on this day
I thought of times so far away
When she was young how her eye's did shine
I was so proud that she was mine
I won't regret the days back then
And no I'll never reget him
He gave me her through his love
I thank him now and God above

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©9-11-06

My Love For You

Is Forever Posted by Picasa

Love Will Never Die

As heartbreaking as love may be
I'll never give up one memory of you and me
Never will I wipe you from my mind
Inside my heart it's still your love I find
The arms that once held me tight
That made my world so wonderfully bright
Will never ever go completely away
For inside my heart your love will always stay
Together we may never be
I guess with time we will see
If our love was meant to last
Then our future won't become our past
I watch your eye's when you look my way
As you try to hide your love today
I told you once the eye's told all you feel
Inside yours I still see a love that's real
One day we'll find a way to live
And maybe then we both can give
It takes two too keep love alive
Together we both must strive
And maybe then we can see
This love was really meant for you and me
In my heart my love is true
Until I die I'll always be there for you

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©09-11-06

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Time Will Tell

If All Fails Posted by Picasa

Your Love Had Fell

I lost my love of long ago
Inside my mind I'll never know
If this love was meant to be
This love we shared just you and me

You'll never know my love was true
A love sworn too only you
A love now gone but I'll never forget
Nor will I ever have one regret

I'll love you till the ends of time
I'll love you now inside my mind
For now your loves so far away
It drifted somewhere astray

My soul as empty as can be
Your love I can no longer see
Nothing left except an empty shell
Where at one time your love had fell

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©09-10-06

With God

All Thing Are Possible Posted by Picasa

With Life " Comes Change"

With life comes many changes
Around each corner there's another turn
You turn the wrong way
Life changes dramatically
How do you know which way to turn
You put your trust in God
And know that everything will be fine
Life "will change" but with God beside you
Everything will be fine
But with change comes fear
And fear causes us not to trust Him
It causes us to turn in the wrong direction
If we could just remember
With God all things are Possible
And with " life's changes"
Life will be just another fork in the road
Guided by The Almighty
With Hope, Trust and Love
Love being the greatest of the three
With life "comes change"
The direction we take is our choice
As I face another fork in my road
I choose to trust in Him
And pray the direction I take
Is the choice He would want me to take

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©09-10-06

Friday, August 18, 2006

A Peaceful Life

Does Lie In Store Posted by Picasa

A Peaceful World Is Waiting

The butterflies dance around my head
For some reason I feel that I am dead
Sitting here naked and content
For me now the lord has sent
His angels here flying high
Me, he'll now take to the sky
To a beautiful wonderful place
My heart now begins to race
For now I know that I am free
To soar the peaceful skies you see
A place where I long to go
Mom is waiting there I know
Standing there with her beautiful smile
Oh, I haven't seen her in a while
Almost two years since she went away
On that terrible September day
A day still etched within my mind
My mothers death so unkind
But with her death there came a peace
Inside my heart the Lord did ease
I know she'll never again feel that pain
Nor will the tears flow down her face like the rain
Never again will I have to watch her cry
Telling another loved one goodbye
For now she is with them in death
That final day she took her last breath
So for now I'll just live and be content
Until that day his angels are sent

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©08-18-06

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I Will Always

Love You Posted by Picasa

Love Is Strange

I sit here in the darkness
all my thoughts are on you.
I just wish I could wash them away
but I'm afraid there here to stay.
It seems we can't make this love work
and inside my heart the pain really hurts.
No matter what I do
my memories of you won't go away.
I wish our paths hadn't crossed that lonely day.
Love is so strange
And sometimes it's blind
Sometimes it's even
a little unkind.
I guess that I'll love you
to my very last day.
But for now I have to leave you
I must go away.

Written By:JoyceWilbanksIvy©08-02-06

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stand Proud

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